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This is all about the magic of combining technology with real estate. Proptech is like a superpower for real estate because it helps with buying, selling, renting, designing, constructing, and managing homes and offices. When you use the right tech, it gets your business ready for the future. Nowadays, almost everyone searches for homes online and does a lot of research there.


We are a reliable Proptech platform looking to partner with real estate agents. Join our " Partner Network." Our platform is designed to help agents grow a successful and profitable real estate business. It's the place where people come to buy, sell, secure loans, and handle all things related to homes. It's also where new agents can learn and experienced agents can further develop their skills. is all about boosting your sales, revenue, profits, personal growth, and opportunities.

SwapnaGruha Tech Advantage

We've built a comprehensive technology platform that's ideal for real estate sales. We incorporate cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, VR, and AR to make it exceptional. In addition, we offer a top-notch CRM system that streamlines processes and assists you in building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers.


Marketing is crucial for your clients and your brand. We have an in-house marketing and design team that can help you generate more leads and enhance the visibility of your brand.

SwapnaGruha App

We understand the need for quick access to your information on the go. offers a user-friendly mobile app and desktop dash board powered by technology. It helps you work efficiently, organize leads, close deals faster, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. It also provides real-time market insights, making it a valuable tool for managing your business while on the move.

By joining the Partner Network, you gain various advantages, including early access to projects, lead generation support, and more. You can also connect with other brokers, collaborate with top builders, and receive assistance with various aspects such as marketing and branding.

The training, technology, leads, coaching, and brand we provide are the building blocks for a successful business. If you aspire to more than a typical agent career, can help you grow rapidly. even offers support, revenue sharing and coaching to help you build a large, profitable business more quickly than most agents.

Interested in joining the " Partner Network"? Simply provide us with your full name, firm name, email, and contact number.

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